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ive come up with a new form of mermaid tale.

once upon a time, in the days before man.
Fish rules the oceans and seas.
Mermaids came second.
Gods came first.
One day the water and land gods got into a fight
the land god had been tired of living under the constant shadow of the water god.
So he fought with fire, fire and land rose up, up above the see to form
a small island.
On this small island, the thing that was made from the land and water and fires fights.
was a small young human man.
Now he'd sit on the shore and wonder why they fought so much still to this day.
he wondered why.
he wondered how.
he made many crafts.
A home and shelter.
clay for his sculptures.
and even made the trees into thoughts and ideas.
planting their seeds and making food for himself.
Though once he had made the island bigger and bigger.
He grew more and more lonely.
The wind only made him sad with its whispers.
the trees no longer spoke sweet scents to him.
So he spent more time starring.
starring at the water he was still so scared of.
he held his breath and sank and flailed as he tried to swim only to come back on land.
he always waited, and his island grew sad.
While on the other side .
Mermaids had thrived.
A young lady, one considered of the ugliest of the mermaids, constantly teased.
she didn't find them very attractive either.
so she began to wonder.
she wondered far and wide.
she searched her mind for anything to do.
anything to make her pretty.
or accepted.
and the day she found she was ready to shrivel she noticed there is a top side to this ocean.
She popped her head up and saw far far away.
A tiny island built for two.
She swam towards the island excited by this new sight!
only to meet the gaze.
of a wild thing.
a thing she had never seen before.
he had no gills.
he had only hair.
he had no scales.
only skin.
she was frightened.
And he was too.
He stared at this living pool of water.
with a face and eyes and fins as ears.
her blue and green hair swayed back as if it were apart of the water.
and when hello was all he could say
Shyly weakly.
he came to the mermaid.
she swam to the shore only to surprise him more.
Her tail and his legs.
Both oddities to both.
The days went by the year had passed.
Each day she came, each night he left.
He began to feel something new in his heart.
while she began to drift more into love.
he wanted to kiss her hug her hold her.
she wanted to talk.
they both came out with their strange new thoughts.
and understood they were different, and understood they could work.
they worked around and gave both equal attention.
Time to talk time to hug.
and they fell further in love by each days start.
the only human and thousand mermaids.
and yet he knew she was the only thing living he could ever love.
no matter how many of her sisters came.
curious and scared.
he always remained loyal to the heir.
the heir of their child, his wife was part fish!
but he loved her so dearly he never wished.
he didn't want anymore, he just needed, time to talk and time to cuddle, then food for her and talking to the baby.
though the gods didn't like this, not a single bit.
They fought and so to did the mermaids.
What an ugly beast!
an ugly man!
how dare you spoil your fairest of lands!
humans are horrible and they will betray you!
they yelled things and hurt her.
took her away.
locked up to never escape.
she was due today.
but he wasn't near.
so he came and dove into his fear.
he swam and swam no matter how less he had air!
he swam further.
he wanted to see!
he wanted to hold that sweet little thing.
the new life of the tummy.
so he swam, he swam and got there quickly trying to unlock.
the seashell shackles and seashell bounds.
only to faint when the baby came near.
when the child was born, he had passed.
the world was quiet for once in her land.
but the child was neither human nor maid.
but a furry creature with human and maid.
she brought back the life of her father.
she brought peace to the land.
the gods still fought but their fighting only created.
more land.
more land.
and more creatures.
more creatures of all kinds.
mammals of all.
and reptiles abound!
birds that fly.
and fish to count.
and the family lived and made more and more. as their family grew form creatures around. so to did their love. their bound.



Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
i do a lot of art more than just one because iw ant to complete multiple styles i lvoe to try out new things and im constently changing

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